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to all the beautiful people reading this, let’s talk about ‘stay vibrant’! 
It all started with me searching for a word to express a certain feeling.
A feeling that hit me while being surrounded by great energy. The only word that came close to describing this feeling was ‘vibrant’.
For some reason, it captured almost everything I wanted to say and it stuck with me.
Staying vibrant became a part of my mindset.
Of course, not all days are equally vibrant… Embracing the fact that life is all about ups and downs is very important. 
Telling people how you feel is not always easy. When I try to express what I really feel, words rarely seem to capture the essence. Most feelings are so much bigger than words could ever describe. Using the percentage % seems like the perfect way to express how I feel without putting it into words. 
People have been asking a lot of questions about ‘stay vibrant’, so I put together a little FAQ. I hope this helps you to stay vibrant and keep track of your %.
Let’s stay vibrant together. A shared boost is the best boost ↑%!
Hope this blesses your day!
xo ~ san

What does vibrant mean?

1. full of energy and life.
“a vibrant state of mind”

(popularized by San Holo in 2019) 

synonyms: colourful, spirited, lively, full of love and life, full of spirit, high-spirited, energetic, vigorous, sparkling, high bless percentage, vital, coruscating, dynamic, fiery, effervescent, boosted, vivacious, flamboyant, electrifying, dazzling, stimulating, exciting, dashing, passionate, a high %.

what is the % thing behind people’s usernames on social media profiles that I keep seeing all over the internet?
The (sacred) percentage. A mood meter to show how blessed you are feeling that day. A way to show your state of being/mind without having to put it into words.

how do you calculate your current %?
The best way to start is to pick a number that you think is close to what you feel like. If you are not exactly sure, dont worry, just pick one that comes close. The important part is that you reflect on the % that you picked and think about how realistic that number really was. After a while, it becomes second nature! The more honest you reflect, the more in tune you will be with yourself. This does not mean you should never put your feelings into words, this is still important. Talk about real feelings!

what influences your %?
Everything around you, from the big events to the little things in life. For example seeing someone you love smile, or even just thinking about the fact that baby whales exist.

what are good ways to boost your %?
Good examples of ways to boost your % are going for walks, enjoying art, embracing nature, appreciating all animals (even humans) and supporting your friends. But honestly, this is a very personal thing. Find the things that boost YOUR life up to the highest %!

can you boost someones %?
Absolutely! The best boosts are the ones you share! However, keep in mind, things that boost your personal %, might not boost someone else’s. Being nice and open-minded to other people has been proven to boost other peoples % (proven on the internet!) A simple smile can go a long way!

what is it called when your % goes up?
percentage BOOST, % BOOST or simply ↑%.

how do you use the % in a sentence?
I’m feeling 70% blessed!
Just discovered a beautiful song, boosted me to 80%
I’m at a solid 65%
This message boosted my %
Wishing you the highest %
Up that %!
Sending you a bless boost!

Or simply use the stay vibrant icon ↑%.
Just got the best news ever ↑%!!

what happens if you reach 100%?
This is very uncommon! Very RARE! 100% means pure bliss. An example of this could be the birth of your child, a reunion with your favourite specimen or another life event that puts you in such great joy that it’s almost impossible to top in the short term. 100% doesn’t happen often. Very uncommon!

This also means going over 100% is never possible. If you claim to be anything over you’re either not true to the sacred % scale or supernatural. Stay true to the sacred % scale!

what does stay vibrant have to do with the % boost?
Staying vibrant is about being aware of all the vibrancy around you. Don’t take it for granted. Vibrancy can be found anywhere… It’s something you feel in the air. A specific place can feel very vibrant. Someone can have a vibrant personality. A song can sound extremely vibrant. On a good day, you can be feeling very vibrant (a lot of good feelings are going through your body and mind)

how can I join the ‘stay vibrant’ movement?
Put your % behind your username, spread awareness and boost together! Let’s create some vibrant energy! Don’t forget to reflect and update your percentage according to the % scale. OR just keep a vibrant state of mind. Not everything revolves around social media. STAY VIBRANT!